Website Translations

Website Translations: Partial or Complete
Do you need to translate your website into Spanish?
Once you have decided to translate your website, it is probable that you consider not all pages are worth being translated. Although it is recommended that you translate the entire website, it may be sufficient to translate only the most important pages in order to highlight your international services.
Currently we prefer receiving the content that requires translation with all encoding or markup languages removed (in .txt, .doc, .rtf, etc.), as otherwise the process is more time consuming and requires an additional quality check, resulting in a more expensive fee.

Graphical elements: With regards to any graphical elements of your website, we can translate the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png

Localization: Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable for a new target audience.

Content and Language : We will make sure all the words, phrases and metaphors are adapted so they work in the target culture. Localization adapts language, style, tone and message to suit the target locale.

Data: Localization looks at on-site data such as dates, times, currencies, phone numbers, units of measurement and much more. We make sure all of these are properly adapted to the target language.